Main Products:
Window Dressing Products

Vertical Blinds and Horizontal Blinds
Our Vertical system and Horizontal system comes in two styles: the Tzelon operating system which is generally known as one of the best designed vertical and horizontal louver system in the world. It is an Israeli design, very reliable and strong. We also carry the Trac-lite system, a Japanese design and of very good quality. Both of these systems guaranteed to surpass any other products available here in the Philippines. We have over a hundred different colours and styles of PVC, Fabric and Aluminum catering for the budget and high end of the market.

Roll-Up Blinds and Roman Blinds
The Roll-Up and Roman Blinds System is recognized as one of the best in its field. It is distributed all over the world and is renowned for its smooth free-running mechanism. This is something unique in the Philippines and will surely add to quality and look of any window. We guarantee the majority of our fabrics are unique in Asia.

We also have Wallpapers, Carpets, Folding Door Partitions, Accordion Door, Modular Office Workstations and Office Chairs.

Company Information:
Sunshade Blinds., Inc. is a progressive company which caters to retail and wholesale of window dressing and covering. Its innovative approach in handling customers has made it one of the leading suppliers in the country.
With our high quality products imported from Israel, our customers can be assured of high quality and top of the line interiors to decorate your home and your offices.